The waterfront park in Stonehaven, just a short walk from the region landing zone (SLurl). Click to embiggen.

The waterfront park in Stonehaven, just a short walk from the region landing zone (SLurl). Click to embiggen.

One of my new favorite places is Stonehaven, a pair of role play regions created by Alysssa Merit (AKA Alyssa Dreshsler) and Cheree Shippe. They got me when they told me it was an island in Maine, one of the most lovely American states and my Real Life home. I’ve watched the build from some of its earliest days and have been flattered that Aly and Cheree have listened to my un-requested input (I’m a busybody nitpick, if you haven’t noticed).

You can learn more about Stonehaven on the official Website, but here’s a quick rundown: The role play is about everyday life complete with available jobs (I’m thinking about being a nurse in the local hospital), fabulous rental homes (strictly Out-Of-Character spots unless the renter decides otherwise), and plenty of activities (just before writing this I worked out in the gym and showered after running a couple miles). There’s a fire department, a sheriff (Cheree, of course), church, and several businesses.

Does it look like Maine? Yes. And it looks like other parts of New England. Aly did a great job. Lots of pine trees, waterfront buildings you could have lifted right out of Bar Harbor, and fabulous scenic views. Sure, I could quibble about the really tall mountains on the island, but they certainly add to the general flavor of New England you’ll experience through out the town.

Stonehaven is a growing community. I’m waiting for the touristy stuff to show up. Hard to visit most any shop along the real Maine coast without seeing maple syrup, plushy moose and lobstahs (that’s lobster to you tourists), and other themed knickknacks. While the regions are Adult rated (meaning SL residents under the age of 18 years in Real Life can’t get in) the emphasis is not on sex, sex, sex. Sure, some of the furniture has adult poses and there’s a cute strip club called The Spice Rack (that’s where I took pix for last week’s Topless Tuesday). I’m pretty sure people in real life Maine have sex, too, just not in the streets, thus Stonehaven follows convention. Folks won’t be visiting Stonehaven just to meet the NPC hooker (I swear she’s a hooker).

Hopefully, people will visit Stonehaven to see a superior build and then stay for the role play. Maybe you should visit?


  1. Ayuh, I may havta stop in for a spell. Looks like Bah Hahbah to me. Possibly Booth Bay Hahbah. Is there a place to get a decent clam or lobstah roll?


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