Public Privacy

So I’m in the grocery store and there’s a really cute girl there. We know each other casually from seeing each other in the store. She’s an employee. Sometimes we chat (me on paper or my iPad since she doesn’t know Sign). If I want to talk to her or if she wants to talk to me we might wave from across a distance though more often than not one of us walks up to the other. That’s the only time we talk unless I can get her number sometime.

Imagine the same store. I’m in the cereal aisle wondering if I should splurge on the brand name fruity rings or go with the less tasty but far more affordable store brand. My phone buzzes and I swap out the grocery list for the messages app.

*u r hot* writes some number I’ve never seen. I ignore it and go on until my phone buzzes again. *how r u bb 😃 * I block the number before I get the inevitable dick pic.

Only FriendsFortunately Real Life has the “Only friends and groups can call or IM me” option checked from the start. Imagine going to the beach, the mall, or anywhere public and having to turn your phone off so people can’t text you without knowing you. That’s how life worked before mobiles, right?

But I wonder if people would act in Real Life like they do in Second Life if we could message anyone from anywhere. I’d probably go back to being a recluse.

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