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Where’s Uccie?

For a little while now I’ve been taking a series of snaps with the theme “Where’s Uccie?”  for The Bay City Post. A sort of visual puzzle, if you will, and a chance to show off Our Fair City. With just one exception so far, images are posted on the blog and in the in-world edition of the paper without any clues and people have to guess where the shot was taken. The one exception was when the file name with the location was published. Here are several past shots without exact locations listed so you can take a look for yourself.

Where's Uccie - April 2015 Morton or Maddequet
This little church disappeared before the picture appeared in the April 2015 edition of The Post. It was either in Maddequet or in Morton. Sometimes I have to play my own game, it seems.
Where's Uccie - March 2015
There are two places in Bay City with this fountain and to be honest, I’ve forgotten where I shot this or how to find either one again. I always seem to run by it by accident.
Where's Uccie - Sconset 23 NOV 2014_001
This is one of those tiny 256m2 parcels in Bay City for which I have land lust. This sis in Sconset. The other lot will be featured in an upcoming Post.
Where's Uccie -- Bay City - Moloch 08 Nov 2014 Large
Someone guessed this location in Moloch right away. I guess it was obvious.
Where's Uccie = Bay City - Moloch_001
One of two shots from Moloch and there is a second location in Bay City with this same view. The Moles have a few duplicate builds in Our Fair City.
Where's Uccie = Bay City - Sandwich
A few people guessed where I was in Sandwich for this shot. Can you find it?

Surprisingly few people contact me  with guesses about the locations. Maybe it is because the nature of Second Life means that locations often change drastically in appearance, with frequency and rapidity, too, as with the first picture. I suppose the game is a bit skewed. In all, I hope the pictures encourage people to explore and discover the beauty of Bay City.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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