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April 1, 2015

Try as I could (and I didn’t try very hard) I couldn’t come up with a April Fool’s Day joke this year. Maybe I wasn’t that motivated. Maybe I was busy configuring my Google Panda. In any case, I didn’t get one done. That didn’t stop Second Life from giving me one.

screen_last 01 April 2015This is my “screen_last.bmp” – the file that your Viewer stores when you log out and greets you when you log back in (unless you choose My Home, which uses a different image). Now I’m wondering what my day will be like.

When I attached Happy Easter from Rachel (add to unpack), a gift I thought was from Rachel Seelowe to the Bay City Alliance group members (no, I didn’t look too closely at the notice as I was thinking “GOODY GOOD GIFTY TIME!”) I found it was a gift from Rachel Swallows, editor of Busted Magazine.

Rachel's Gift 01 April 2015_001It’s a trap! Trapped like a fly in amber, if a fly in amber was a pornstar in a jar. Funny, but I really think I’m best anytime, not just on April 1st. But it was a good joke.

Of course, April 1st is Ever’s Day in Bay City. Ever Dreamscape. This date was her real life birthday and such a day as April Fool’s was made for her, the eternal clown of Bay City. It was a rare day you didn’t see her dressed up somehow or setting fires to things or making one of her many documentaries. She started many on-going traditions in our city and was a major force in molding its character

Ever's Tiny Island 01 April 2015
Ever’s Tiny Island.

So as the fires burn across the city today (especially in Bay City – Dennis (SLurl)), we’ll think of the master prankster herself, pat our priceless worthless insurance policies, and have a good time like Ever would want us to have.

Angela takes up Ever’s torch.

Visit a nice memorial to Ever in the park at Bay City – Dennis (SLurl).


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