Ignoring The Meme

Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme this week is about mean behavior online. It’s a good read. Go ahead and take a look. I’ll be right here.

Except for Second Life’s erratic my.secondlife.com pseudo-social feed (AKA The Feed that residents talk about), I tend to avoid social media so I don’t see a lot of the mean-spirited postings of which Strawberry mentions. Yes, I hear about them. I’ve seen trolls hit hard on The Feed, on Plurk (a service I have but don’t look at), and in comments posted to various Web sites I visit. I wish others could say that their experience is like mine. One-time troll magnet Tish Coronet has a beautifully executed image on Flickr showing some comments she’s received over time.

While I don’t imagine I could do something as elegant as Tish did for her reply to the meme, I know I could probably answer Strawberry’s questions. But I won’t. I’m going to step away from the drama. Here’s a Happy Kitty Picture!

Happy Kitty

Running around in Linden Realms is a good way to burn off troll-generated frustration (SLurl).


  1. Thanks. To be precise: I didn’t make the image in response to Berry’s meme but right when it was all happening, early 2013. And even though I didn’t mean to bring it all up again, I’m happy it did resurface, because the comments are heart-warming.


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