Fly Trans Mainland Airways!

Trans Mainland Airways: “You Don’t Have To Be Nuts To Fly With Us!” reads the bag of peanuts I was given yesterday after I boarded Marianne McCann‘s Electra Model 10 twin-prop airliner for a flight from Bay City Municipal Aeroport to Abbotts Airport. Every passenger gets a great little bundle of custom made (mesh!) goodies when they fly.

TMA Electra 10 Passenger Goodies

Airsickness bag, peanuts, drink service mug, safety card, magazine, ticket folder, and Junior Pilot wings. Not pictured: Parachute and personal flotation device.

Several passengers experienced a lovely and safe flight with a perfect landing. None of my pictures posted to but check out some from Benjamin Wahl (here, here, and here) and Rachel Seelowe (here and here).

Flights are not regularly scheduled at this time though Marianne does sometimes announce them in the Bay City Alliance group chat. There is no cost, either, for the flight or the goodies pack, but I personally recommend stuffing some $Lindens in the pilot’s pocket when you exit the plane.


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