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Augmented Reality Sandbox

Terraforming Second Life is great deal of fun but if you don’t own any land or if you want to terraform more than just a dinky little 512m2 plot, then you need to visit the practice region called Here (SLurl). However, if you have some time, some tech skills, and some spare hardware, terraforming via an augmented reality sandbox looks like far more fun.

What would really rock? Being able to export your creation to Second Life or other virtual worlds. Terraforming would be far easier, too, and I can see how this could be adapted for a contiguous stretch of regions. Let’s get on this, Linden Lab!

Read more about this bit of magic at this UC Davis Website and grab the hardware requirements from this site. Hat tip to my brother for finding this. He’s a former Geography/History teacher and he went nuts over this, bouncing around saying “imagine the teaching possibilities!!”


Just a girl in virtual places.

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