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Watermelon Here

Watermelon Here_001

Lately I’ve been tip-toeing through My Outfits, the saved outfits folder in your Inventory and in the Appearance pane of many Second Life viewers. A few outfits have been deleted and  some have been tweaked. This is my Torley Tribute outfit. The big adjustment with this one was making sure that the HUDs for the hairband, the skirt textures, and the shoe colors would load when the outfit was added. This is because I often use these items with other outfits in different colors. For example, the hair also goes with a pink/blue retro swimsuit outfit. Loading the HUDs right away means that I don’t have to right-click the related item in the Appearance window then choose Show Original then find the HUD. Time saver.

For the fashionistas, the hair is from Wasabi Pills, the shoes and skirt are from HOC, PrimOptics made the eyeglasses, and shirt is an oldie. SLink hands, UnBra skin, R.Icielli lipstick, Alyce fingernail polish (optional .. not shown), a BoHo HoBo bracelet and some really old earrings. Ibanez eyes and a shape I made myself complete the set. Sometimes I add nail polish by Alyce.

The location for the shoot is Here (SLurl), the region set up by Torley Linden so that anyone can practice terraforming.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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