Le Botanique

Liara (Kemicq) Okiddo has once again created a marvelous scenic landscape, perfect in nearly every way. In this lush section of forest a perpetual rain is actually as welcome as a fuzzy blanket for the atmosphere it creates. One can almost smell the greenery and feel the warmth of Le Botanique (SLurl). As with Isla Okiddo (see here), Liara has carefully added elements one-by-one to be form an extraordinarily cohesive environment. A visual treat from every angle. Here are a few pictures I shot today but I highly encourage you to visit Liara’s Insights into building ‘Le Bontanique’ Flickr group for not only more pictures but for detailed commentary on her building process.

My photographer, Zyx, enjoying a break after the morning’s shoot.

Click any image to embiggen them or see them on my Flickr feed here. My graphics were set to High and Advanced Lighting was off as it slowed the rain effect to a crawl leaving just streaks of light as if I had used a flash attachment.

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