The Year of the Topless Tuesday!

The year 2013 will be memorable for many things, but for me I’ll always treasure Topless Tuesday, the commemoration I (apparently) started on February 19th with posts on and on this blog. The idea was that women should be able to dress as men do, and that includes being able to not wear a shirt, blouse, sweater, or other top if they do not wish to do so wherever and whenever that men are not required to wear them.

Not long after, women all across Second Life started participating with their own Topless Tuesday (or “Happy TT”) pix on the Feed as well as adding them to the Topless Tuesday in SL Flickr group I created. Even the Queen of Meme, Strawberry Singh, kicked in with an entry in September (see it here) on her blog.

Much of the time I try to save the more explicit of the posts for the Flickr group and my blog, but sometimes you will see The Girls “bustin’ out” on the MySL Feed. Trying to keep those posts totally G-rated is rather the antithesis of the whole idea, but I know that some have certain preferences so I try … unless the picture really calls for it.

With little success, a couple guys tried to start a Wiener Wednesday but after just a couple posts much of the female SL community simply passed out from “the vapors” and the Feed got quiet again. And there were several funny parody posts such as Marianne McCann’s picture of her convertible sedan with the top down.

As someone who needs directions and goals to do most anything (I’m not easily led and I’m great at simply watching others be productive), the Topless Tuesday meme is something that keeps me going, especially since I had little else to keep me busy in Second Life during 2013. I hope you enjoyed my efforts in the spirit they were intended and, as I do, look forward to more Topless Tuesdays to come.


  1. Sorry to rain on your parade, Uccie, but the TT movement is already much older. In 2007/08 my good friend Slanty Uriza and a group of other sailbichies already decided to spend every Tuesday topless. And we're doing it since then, without much ado and blog coverage.


  2. As far as I’m concerned Uccie invented it. She undoubtedly brought “Topless Tuesday” to the feed and a wider audience. It certainly was a lot of fun when you could still post pictures on “”.

    It’s great to see people who rolled their eyes and mocked the idea in the beginning have now jumped on the bandwagon.

    “Wiener Wednesday” was actually thought up and promoted by a female fed up that the girls had nothing to ogle on the feed. The boys turned out to be surprisingly shy.


  3. Thanks, y'all. People keep telling me that I started it. Maybe I was just the first to put it on the MySL feeds. I know there was a club in-world with the name but the membership was near zero and they had no club space any more. We really need more .. erm .. coverage of the event.


  4. Sorry Tim, when the women of LoEF started with the TT, and occasionally ran into trouble for it, there was no sillyness like the feed (I still don't know what that is) in existence.


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