Osprey goes looking for Salazar

Today just after 1:00 PM (SLT), several intrepid explorers led by Osprey Therian (MySL or Twitter) entered the Forest of Kahruvel Anomaly (SLurl) as part of an effort to find and retrieve the long-lost Salazar Jack. Here is my photo record of the event. As electronic devices in the area were disabled or otherwise rendered useless, I used an old film camera to shoot transparencies. These I scanned and enhanced to compensate for the gloomy, rainy weather and to add recordings from my Viewer User Interface. When the anomaly collapsed, even my mechanical film camera stopped – I ran out of film.

The Exploration Team (Osprey, Fenix, & Gomi) with some of the Base Team (Valdora, Cessadia, and Holocluck).

Well-wishers and friends.
In the foreground is Shigeko Tachikawa. She has recently returned from an adventure inside the anomaly (see here).

Fenix Eldrich and Gomi Mfume enter the anomaly after Osprey disappeared.
Holocluck Henly monitors.

Click any image for a larger version. Visit kahruvel.com for more information

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