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The Inventory Meme

Another Monday, another Meme. I saw Strawberry Singh publish her “Inventory Meme” blog post just before I went to bed last night and, oddly enough, I didn’t dream about Second Life at all so eloquent words and pretty pictures for me to post didn’t pop into my head. Here’s what I came up with on the fly while eating a hamwich and some yogurt at lunch …

Meme Instructions: Copy and paste the questions and answers below, delete my answers and input your own. Don’t forget to leave a comment with your link so I can come by and read it!

What is your current inventory number?
61,731 items, after emptying the trash. This is a sort of misleading number when you consider how I organize my Inventory. The pic above is an example.

Small, color-coded cubes become the home for stored items such as whole outfits, avatars, furniture sets, and all purchases where I can’t save the copiable item in it’s original container. These are then put into a larger “trunk” in lots of 100 (The Lab recommends putting no more than 100 items into a prim or risk loss of all though nesting 100-lot-cubes in another doesn’t seem to be a problem). These are then stored in an Objects (Stored) folder so I can get them later. I’m in the process of sorting clothes to store, give away, or just delete and then I’m going to do that with all my building materials since I doubt I’ll do any serious building soon. Right now I have eight “trunks” marked Clothes and one each for footwear, jewelry, tattoos, etc. All totaled, I have about 100+ of these so you can imagine how much larger my Inventory would be should I release all the contents back to the wild.

Another factor that skews the 61K is that I use alts for storage. Way back in the day when Hamlet Au wrote a book about Second Life he recommended creating an alt character to dump all un-used transferable inventory to so if your main account loses it’s Inventory, you have at least some fall-back. I do that when I can and back then is when I started this boxing strategy, too. But I also have an alt that I use just for landscaping. At some point I decided it would be in her personality to be a gardener and it would ease my Inventory to have her buy and keep all things outdoor. A quick guess without actually taking the trouble to look, I’d say that she has about 35,000 items boxed and unboxed in her Inventory. My “back up” storage alt has fewer items, but I do have other alts so I have a lot of stuff scattered about.

If you had to delete your whole inventory and could only keep one thing, what would it be?
Aside from my shape and other things that the system wouldn’t let me delete? Pictures that I don’t have backed up to Flickr or to my hard drive. Everything else can be replaced, but pictures can’t be.

What is the last thing you purchased?
An outfit from Plastik (SLurl). Actually, it was their July gift so I guess I didn’t actually pay for it. Just before that I grabbed a 2009 Winterfest Linden Bear, also free, and that needs to go into my Linden Bear storage box.

Which item do you wear most often?
My shape. In my Saved Outifts folder I have a couple versions of a “Dressable Uccie” each with a shape (“mesh standard shape” boobs, busty boobs, Furry, Neko, Male, etc.), hair, AO, and other items that I need minimum before getting dressed. A shape is the core. If we are talking prim attachment, then it would be my wedding ring. I change pet collars, hair, eyes, etc. faster than most people change their underwear, but the wedding ring is always there.

When you search for the word penis, how many items pop up? Six. Three of those are in a Freenis kit I give out to poor male Noobs in need of a confidence boost. So many have really sketchy bits I found a decent-looking freeb that I give them then tell them to leave me alone. Two are pictures with the word “Penis” in the title and I’m afraid to look at them since I also know who sent them. No, I didn’t search for euphemisms but I’m sure the count would go up a bit.

If you aren’t bored enough after reading this, check out this post from when I had about 50,000 items in my Inventory in April 2012. With more time on your hands, I have quite a few posts tagged with Inventory you could look through as well. Probably a better use of your time, though, is sorting your own Inventory. Good luck and happy packing!


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