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Linden Realms Upgrade!

In an effort to revitalize Linden Realms, the in-SL game where Residents run about completing quests and capturing gems to trade for in-world currency, The Lab has recently added signs with note card givers that explicitly review the game rules and, according to LR Linden, juggled about the ratio of gem colors, increasing the number of orange gems in play while decreasing the number of pink ones. Regulars know that the orange ones are worth more L$ when trading in gems at the Portal Workshop.

From what I learned in a chat with LR Linden this morning, other changes are in the works, too: new quests and increasing the number of ultra-rare blue gems, among other (read: Secret) updates. Blue gems, like the generally rare green ones, aren’t involved in quests but are traded directly for cash. What I find more exciting, however, and is totally denied by LR Linden, is the introduction of purple gems as seen in this screen shot of an in-world snap my brother made last night:

I bet they’ll be used in one of the new quests. Or maybe gathering them will provide some way to appease the Rock Monsters so you can pass them more easily. Not that this challenge is very .. er .. challenging to start with so I could be wrong. Maybe they will be extremely rare and have a high L$ value since the blue gems are changing. Maybe someone far more creative than I can come up with something far more creative than I can. LR Linden admitted that the game is being almost completely refreshed and that they had hoped to have it out for the first of the month, but like other LDPW projects, the work has fallen behind schedule. In any case, I’ll keep you updated as I find out more.


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