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April Fool 2013 House

The other day I popped into Grendel’s Children to get some “Icarus” wings for my Tiny avatar and right at the landing was a cow with hover text: “Tip Me”. Turns out it was a tip jar for Toady Nakamura so I figured it was well worth ten times the L$10 I had left to spare but since that’s all I had (needing the rest of my purse to buy the wings) so I “tipped the cow” and laughed when it fell over and proclaimed that I did it.

What’s all this got to do with an April Fool’s Day attraction? Toady contacted me and asked how I had gotten to a super secret build site where she thought the cow was standing. To make a not terribly long tale still shorter, I was told about the April Fools House that will be open in Raglan Shire from March 30 to April 2. Well, I wasn’t told much. Just where it was going to be (SLurl, but don’t before it opens), that “this is a really great build,” and that it would be best if visitors were Tinies for the experience.

What? You don’t have a Tiny avatar? Yes, you do! You have the famous Grendel’s Boxbot!

Inventory > Library > Clothing > Cardboard Boxbot

Just drag that folder onto your avatar and you’ll change (plus a copy will show up in your personal Clothing folder.

Toady also suggested the blue dragonlet if that is more to your taste.

Inventory > Library > Clothing > Dragonlet

Want something fancier? Check out Wynx Whiplash’s Extrovirtual (SLurl) or the Tinies section at Grendel’s Children (SLurl). Plenty of choices (I recommend the Kangaroo) and fun accessories. Find out why Tinies ROCK in Second Life when you visit the April Fools House!


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