Linden Realms RULZ! [update]

My friends Kennylex Luckless and Hexapoda have been pushing hard to have some rules for the use of Linden Realms (the interactive in-world gem gathering game in which you can earn some Second Life currency) to reduce cheating (such as flying and speed enhancers). Looks like the Lindens – particularly LR Linden – have come through!

Rules for Linden Realms gameplay :

* Flying is not permitted in Linden Realms.
* Use of ‘bots’ or other automated software (internal or external) to enhance game play mechanics is not permitted.
* Use of any object, devices, HUDs, scripting, etc to enhance speed, movement and award collection rates is not permitted.

If your account is discovered operating or performing any of the above, Linden Lab may suspend or terminate access to Linden Realms, your Second Life account, and any L$ acquired via illicit gameplay, may be assessed from the accounts involved.

UPDATE: Check out these pix from Kennylex Luckless: One about Clouds here and a very pretty one here.

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