Updated Luskwood Cat

Quite some time after several new furies were introduced by Luskwood and other species were updated, a staple of the line, the Domestic Cat, has just received an update, too. Version 3 is out and here is a quick comparison.

The edition I acquired in 2007 is absolutely adorable, but there isn’t a sculpty bit to be seen anywhere on it. By most any standard it appears to be crude despite some clever prim manipulations.

The hair pictured here is a basic mod of the standard hair. I made several variations and modified several other hair styles from my closet to fit just this head. Note the multiple overlapping prims around the muzzle, a technique necessary to give the required shape. Unfortunately, the prims have different surface angles to the light makes them look odd.

The hair pictured below on the 2012 cat, Version 3, is also standard, but by using sculpties it looks far smoothers and more natural. Same with the hair tufts behind the cheeks and in the ears. In fact, a liberal use of sculpties everywhere makes the cat face far more realistic.

For this picture I used the slitted eyes option, though round pupils are far cuter. Either way, the pupils can dilate randomly or with the region sun setting. The join at the nose bridge is obvious because the head is not one piece, but I’ve already starting taking advantage of this by modifying various head pieces to make the face unique. I’ll also have to modify some extra body parts that I added to the older version if I want to use them with this one because the skin texture is now “furry” instead of solid white. Same with several sets of clothes because v3 offers digigrade legs as an option.

Generally, the new avatar is very nice. The numerous new features and construction methods make this one of the nicest Furry avatars I’ve seen. Certainly a welcome and long-overdue upgrade. But The smile on the old version is just sooooo adorable that I’ll likely keep using that version for some time to come with the new version.

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