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What’s In My Closet: Stuff

Since there is no easy way to export items from your MySL feed at this time, I guess I’ll have to do it manually, so here goes … outfits I created and saved today with the captions I used (in Italics) in my snapshot feed.

My new Adventure Girl ensemble, cobbled together from all over my wardrobe. #Fashion
I shot this at the the Premium Wilderness Area (Web), a reason to get a Premium account if I ever saw one.

Updated my Builder Girl outfit. Mostly the cloth parts, but I adapted my Wynx mole helmet to fit a human size. #Fashion
This pic was taken outside the faux water tower at the Lesbos University building. I had planned to make it part of the 2012 Lesbos Halloween build, but … Well, if you haven’t heard yet, The Isle of Lesbos closes next week.

My tiny kangaroo hippie thanks to a nice freebie from “What’s This?”
This little kanga avatar was one of my favorites when I worked at SL9B and I decided I have to go Tiny more often.

A Loco Pocos tiger because I’m thinking of joining the White Tiger Mentors. #Fashion
My friend, Bo Denimore, is a mentor there and I value his recommendation to join the group. It could give me something to do other than just explore now that Lesbos is going away.

The next couple pix aren’t saved outfits (Web) but I was having fun with my Inventory when the idea struck that I might be able to go visit the LDPW Moles …

I was hoping that if I visited the Mole Tunnel at the Bay City Community Center (SLurl) I’d be transported to Mole Land. No such luck. #Bay City #Mole
Needless to say, it didn’t work. But do know where the Mole Islands are located (Web).

I’ve been trying to think what my LDPW Mole name would be. Based on this pic? Maybe Adora Mole #LDPW #Mole

Moving things from the MySL feed might become a regular event on the blog here, at least until someone looks at my JIRA to make an automatic transfer possible (Web). Well, looks at it, approves it, and implements it. No, I don’t hold out any hope, really.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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