A JIRA for My Second Life

These are my in-world snaps featured and you can see the updating stream here.

Above is a screenshot of the snapshot section of the My Second Life microblogging site provided to every Resident of Second Life. I have a few issues with “MySL” but chief among them is the inability to export the in-world snaps to another blogging site such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, etc. or accessing them without having a Second Life account. Since I feel this is such a great service I’d like to see this issue corrected so I created [WEB-4835] Snapshot feeds from mysecondlife.com/resident.name should have the ability to populate external blogs on the Second Life Bug Tracker (JIRA). If you have some time, please take a few moments to look it over and comment on it, if you’d like, but please vote for having the issue resolved. If this works, I might file to have other fixes/improvements.

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