4 thoughts on “Grid Yuck & Insurance

  1. I disagree absolutely. Data integrity is critical to any and all businesses, the lab is no different in that respect.

    Analogies that compare the loss of virtual possessions to real world physical possessions are flawed and fundamentally do nothing to address the problem.

    You either have redundancy and reliability for your businesses data, or you don't.

    I do not pay Gmail extra not to loose my email, nor do I ever expect them to ask.

  2. @Trinity You are right in that the main problem is the lack of data integrity at The Lab, but I was just tossing the idea out to see if it might stick somewhere. Right now The Lab doesn't have a special backup/restore service and making that a Premium benefit might be a good idea, especially to encourage the free accounts to upgrade.

  3. @Glorf I would hope that The Lab would be able to distinguish No Copy items from Copy items, but then there was that breedable bunny fiasco last year where Inventory issues and frequent rolling restarts/roll backs created duplicate pets, cause a whole buncha people to be accused of theft, gaming “the game,” and worse, sullying the reputations of some perfectly innocent people. To be sure, some technical issues would need to be worked out, but I'm sure it could be done.

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