Fantasy Faire: Macro Avie

Earlier today I let Zyx Resident bounce about the Fantasy Faire for a quick visit and despite grabbing one of the very, very nice free Low Lag avatars that are provided, she still crashed often and hard. It was an experiment as I figured to go still later in the week to avoid lag. But she did see all the regions and emphatically urged me to visit and photograph The Tides (SLurl) right away when “I” could log in. Despite all the regions being gorgeously landscaped and decorated, it was The Tides that struck me as “I’m home!” Simply stunning.

Also stunning when I showed up was Ceri Quixote in a “macro avie” so stunning that I didn’t mind her blocking my intended shot. Without further ado …

A quick word with Ceri and I learned that she will be selling a smaller version of this custom avie, though I didn’t ask how small. If you’d like to keep an eye out for it, head over to Blistereen (SLurl) sometime.


  1. @Emerald and Deoridhe Everyone I teleported in were either dumbstruck or squealed like school girls (the latter group was mostly guys). I can't see a whole lot of practical application for such a humongous beastie, but as an avatar collector, I certainly want one, too.


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