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The Lab Directs Your Life

*Generic Pointing System

If you land in Safe Hub – Arapaima (SLurl) and don’t know where to go once you tire of … of … whatever it is that happens there, look for an arrow in the water on the eastern side of the building. It directs you across the nearly empty Whorelbow sim to the Zindra continent. I say “nearly empty” because there are several more direction arrows and on the sea floor among some some sparsely place plants is a landmark giver. Touch it for a landmark for called “Reserved for future development” and would take you a few dozen meters away from the landmark giver. The parcel name, by the way, is “GO EAST 500 M TO REACH THE SHORE” — yes, seriously.


Just a girl in virtual places.

3 thoughts on “The Lab Directs Your Life

  1. Zindra is in my jurisdiction as a member of the SLCG. There used to be a time when I would have to nudge those arrows to get them to face the right way.. sometimes on a daily basis. Thankyou Michael Linden fo fixing that

  2. The arrows moved by themselves? Wow. That's *massive* prim drift. Maybe the arrows realized there was nothing at the Safe Hub telling folks to look for the arrows or that they could fly/swim/walk to the Mainland and they were trying to get attention by moving around.

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