11th of 12 Days in Lingerie

Guest Model: Zyx (Resident) in a wonderful set of fantasy lingerie from Kaelin Westland.

Looking back at earlier posts for the Juicy Bomb 12 Days of Lingerie blogger challenge, you can tell that I rather loosely define lingerie. Whatever the stuff is, it will wind up on the floor or around the girl’s waist (or the guy’s waist … it’s a kink, I know) once it’s job is done. To me, anything (within reason) that can act as window dressing or a frame for the body to enhance a romantic mood is lingerie. So when I saw this woodland pixy at the Isle of Lesbos, I had to include her in this project. She’s au naturel though not in the original sense of the phrase, but rather using nature as her adornment.

Lingerie: KK Fantasy Glade Nymph (the vines/flowers on Zyx’s body) on the SL Marketplace here.
Hair: Alice Project “Katie” Naturals (set to blonde)
Skin: Sin Skins Tone 6 Makeup 19 (Nose Stripe)
Eyes: BSN Deep Eyes (blue)

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