6th of 12 Days in Lingerie

Have I mentioned that I love my iPad? I use it for most everything, from mail to iMessaging to Facetiming to talking in public (via Proloquo2Go) to all those fun image editors that I’ve mentioned in a few previous blog posts. For today’s entry for Juicy Bomb’s 12 Days of Lingerie Blogger Challenge I popped into PhotoFunia and got artsy. It’s actually an iPhone/iPod Touch app so the resulting images are small, so let’s start with a full-sized original.

Angela and I have a very cozy living room in our secret home.

Lingerie: PS Design: Jannett BB White Lingerie
Shoes: Plausible Body Classic Pumps Monochrome
Hair: Exile Hope Naturals Fall
Skin: Verotic 04 Cybele Skin Sensual Summer
Boobs: Lolas! Push-Up 2.5
Jewelry: [AiTech] Precision-Crafted Pet Collar; Custom earrings and wedding ring.

And now for the fun pix!

Yep. I love my iPad 😀

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