4th of 12 Days in Lingerie

I’m so not femme in Real Life so why I have all this lingerie in my Inventory is a mystery to me. Apparently it is so I can participate in the Juicy Bomb 12 Days of Lingerie blogger challenge. Still, all the frillies have gotten to me and I copped a major attitude for today’s shoot, as you can see here:

Doesn’t everyone make faces in the mirror?

I was relaxing in the tub at the Lesbos University bath when I remembered that the wonderful pair of [nautilina] TRAVERTINE WAVE shower units I installed have poses in the sink and the mirror. “That could be the next lingerie shoot scene!” I shouted in my head. So I threw on three or four outfits before deciding on this one and took a few shots with the mirror poses (“sit” on the mirror and the camera turns as if you are looking at your reflection, then choose an animation). It was fun!

Lingerie: Insolence: Laure Emerald Corset, Panties, Garters/Stockings
Skin: :GP: Acorn FREX [Dark] Sunny-Pure 1
Hair: *Alice Project* Elsie III – Lucky N-Red 05 Pack
Jewelry: [AiTech] Precision-Crafted Pet Collar; custom earrings and wedding ring

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