2nd of 12 Days in Lingerie

I spent so much time building things today (and doing RL stuffs) that I nearly forgot about the 12 Days of Lingerie Challenge on the Juicy Bomb blog. But I didn’t want to stop building as it is something a bit important for something coming up soon, so I thought I’d combine both projects. Thus, we have Uccie the Builder in Lingerie!

Setting up some flowers at the Tropical Romance Club at Lesbos. We use a “rezzer” system to the Event Staff can call up themed builds for their events. I’m making this one for Valentine’s Day, or there abouts, if someone wants it.

Lingerie: “Allure” bra, panties, garters, stockings, garter belt, and shoes in black from Bad Kitty.
Belt: Steampunk building belt Female v1 by Lucy Rust
Implants: “Pushups” prim breasts from Lolas!
Hair: “Melody” in Red06 from [e].
Skin: “Cybele Skin – Sensual” from Verotic.
Jewelry: Custom earrings by me, Wedding Ring by Angela Seale; Precision-Crafted Pet Collar by [AiTech].

Normally I wear that builder belt with clothes appropriate to construction work or just nude (safety first … no loose clothes around power tools!!). It was fairly comfy with the frillies, but it did tend to pull the garter belt around a bit.

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