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Happy …

Today is not just New Year’s Eve, but its the Rez Day of the one I love Angela Seale. She came into Second Life in 2006 and we got together not quite a year after that. She’s my friend, partner, wife, and mistress … all that and more. Here are just a few of my favorite Safe-For-Work pictures of the two of us.

This was a piece I cobbled together from stuff I found on the Interwebs to decorate our home. She’s the blonde.

Angela (top) likes to prank, like landing on people upside down.

Who doesn’t like shopping with their best friend? Tell you a secret, though … Angela doesn’t like to look funny.

Cuddling with Ange at the Lesbos Memorial Park. She’s fond of purple, btw, and a very good cuddlier.

She’s a very, very good cuddler. When she holds me in-world its like we are really together.

Happy Rez Day, Baby! And Happy New Year to everyone. I hope your 2012 is as special as my Angela is to me … warm, loving, and full of fun.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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