Lost the Feelin’

Nope. I haven’t felt like blogging. Haven’t felt like doing much of anything. Christmas sort of does that to me since my father passed away many years ago. Then, just in the last few weeks, the father of a friend passed on, too, and I was treated like I was part of their family at the funeral.

This is a bad time of year for my mom (whom I take care of), too, and that just worsens my mood. She goes from depressed to hyper manic in a heart beat. Example: “We aren’t going to decorate!” was the mantra for a month then one afternoon “You have to get things decorated; we have only a few days!!” That was on top of trying to get several other things all deemed to be ultra-high priority to her done at the same time.

To top it all off, there is frakin’ snow on The Isle of Lesbos. SNOW! I hate snow. My boss lives in Key West so she things this is marvelous. And her boss is Norwegian. They have snow 366 days a year.

Did I mention that I hate snow?

The Abranimations Advent Gifts (available here) cheer me up, though. Like this penguin avatar from today pictured below. It is so cute and it comes with a fishie to slap folks with!

Slapping the Meeroos at Lesbos with this fish cheers me up.

Normally I don’t like to get presents, but Advent gifts in SL are something different. Lots of places have them and many are featured on freebie blogs. I don’t go to many, but the Abranimations one is always fun and they are always so generous.

Really, there’s no reason to be depressed. Life is actually rather good, I suppose. And Second Life is certainly a highlight. I’ll buck up soon, probably after the holiday and after the Isle goes green again. That will be exciting because of some surprises. I’ll post pix. In the mean time, I’ll just slap people with my fishie and make the best of it.


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