Fae Dragon

At the Isle of Lesbos “Dungeons and Dragons” event today, someone admired my Anubis Dragon Hatchling from the Isle of Wyrms. I tried to find it on the SL Marketplace for them to get some specs but the only “hatchie” there was the Fae Dragon … and I fell in love. So I had to splurge and get one for my wee pixy alt, Zyx Flux. My goodness, is it cute!

Zyx, surveying her domain, the Secret Garden at the Isle of Lesbos.

The flying animation is awesome! The legs retract unlike the Anubis hatchie that my “regular” avie wears.

It took a while to get the coloring right … my pixies are usually a certain shade of blue. I love the wings as leaves rather than the dragonfly-style the humanoid pixies have. There is no manual in the box so I’m going to have to guess what a few of the HUD items do. It should be fun experimenting.

Maybe I’ll get my “young adult” pixy Zyx Resident the next size up, the Wyrmling …. hmmm.

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