Burn2: Steve Jobs

While visiting Inner Child Camp at Burn2 last night, I heard the news about Steve Jobs.

I almost wrote “Apple’s Steve Jobs,” but really, he belonged to everyone. This corporate and technology innovator passed away late yesterday. His impact has been felt and will continue to be felt for decades by everyone, whether they be users of Apple products or not.

Elsewhere on the Web and other media are more eloquent summaries of Steve’s legacy and more moving tributes than I could write. Open any news site if you don’t want to do a search. You’ll find them.

But you can also visit Burn2. At least one camper I’ve found has put in a memorial (SLurl). Thank you, Molly Montale.

Up until the time I heard the news I had been thinking about a message that I wanted to put into the Burn2 Temple (SLurl). Then I had it. Simple. Short. You’ll see it floating with dozens of other messages, some in memorial for other special people, if you visit this spectacular build.

The Temple will burn, too, not just the Man. October 9th and 10. The schedule is here. At that time, all the messages will be read during one of Burn2’s most moving ceremonies.

The sometimes-tech blog Gizmodo has a moving post about “where where you when you learned about Steve?” I was at Burn2 with friends. Where were you?

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