Storm News! [UPDATE]

Good news, everybody! Hurricane Irene will likely downgrade to a Tropical Storm by the time it gets to me in southern Maine.

Bad news, everybody! The town I’m in is expected to be in the center of the storm.

Good news, everybody! As you can see in this picture, I’m ready to ride out the storm!

Really, only Zyx is ready, with her duck rain coat and rubber ducky ride from Intrigue Co. (SLurl).

So, if we lose power or have to evacuate, you might not hear much from me from sometime late Saturday night onward. Tomorrow we get the Go Box updated with supplies, back the Subaru into the garage, get the wheelchair and cat cages ready, and generally batten down the hatches. One last run to the grocery store for food on Saturday and we’ll be set. iPads and stuff will be all charged up and we all love to play cribbage, so we’ll be fine.

erm … I don’t have a real life raincoat.

[UPDATE] It has started to rain here. And I really, really love my iPad 😀

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