Apparently I Need Friends

Look what just showed up in my email inbox:

They really aren’t this blurry, I’m sure, but I confuzzled things to protect others.

Apparently The Lab thinks my alt need friends. I have no idea who these five people are or why they were chosen to be compatible with what amounts to a non-entity. The only Friends on her list are other alts and my brother. Her profile shows two Interests: Exploring and Flying. She belongs to only one group and has but two Picks in her Profile. Sure, this makes her sound lonely, but is it that noticeable?

This is just another sign that The Lab is steering Our World harder into the Social Media traffic stream and I find it annoying. I don’t belong to Facebook, Google+, MySpace, or Twitter. Plurk hasn’t seen me in about a year. I blog and sometimes post to Flickr. Does it sound like that avie wants to be social?

Oh, by the way? Three more such mails were in the Spam folder, on each for three other alts. And I got one, too, at my email address for this avie. I wonder if this is why I had a random Friend request waiting for me when I logged in just now? Based on that person’s profile it might have been a noob just showing up here, but I’m preparing for more requests.

I checked a few of the profiles and can’t say I’m eager to meet any of these folks, but I did notice that the Interests that we share are highlighted in their profiles. Until I erase mine, that is …


  1. Maybe over time it will be. I've talked with quite a few people who haven't seen it yet. I'm already getting a lot of blind Friendings so I've erased the Interests in my Profile.


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