More Linden Avatars

Thanks, Tatero Nino for the heads up today on even more avatars being added to our standard inventories (Inventory > Clothing > Initial Outifts), like this “Vehitar Ballista” automobile avie. There are a dozen of these vehicles by Xenius Revere to compliment the thirteen robots and dozen animal avatars I blogged about earlier. Of the latter group I found that the cat and dog avatars (by Damian Fate) are actually a “quad” style, running about on four legs.

Vehitar Ballista by Xenius Revere cornering hard to run over a Meeroo. Several familiar-looking vehicles are included but due to copyright I won’t name them *cough cough* beetle *cough cough* plus at least one space ship, an Italian supercar, and a cute neon green monster truck.
Dog, one of the two “quad” avies in the group. I really love the soulful look to the pup’s eyes.
Harvey the Bus (modeled by JoyJoyJenny Bimbogami) and Sebastian the Airship (me!).
The airship reminds me of a smaller, more “authentic” avatar from Grendels Children, pictured next.
The Grendels Children airship, not one of the new avatars, but worth finding.
Clark the Tank (JoyJoyJenny again) and a modified Vehitar Silus in the background.

None of these avies have external Animation Overrides (AO) but they do have built-in animations. The bipedal avies can use regular AOs. The quads also have an AO or built-in animations.

Now, to wonder if the cars have anything to do with that movie that is so popular right now …


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