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More Meeroos

Broken toes, x-rays, family health issues, groceries … just Real Life in general has kept me away from the keyboard even when I can log into Second Life so I haven’t been posting much here. To at least keep the count up, here are a couple more Meeroo pics.

I’ve always loved looking at our world from under the terrain mesh. It’s also a great way to find ‘roos that stand inside other things. This also shows off the pretty floating Island I got from Cerridwen’s Cauldron Creations.

Zyx Flux, the Wood Sprite, cuddles MrBeta, one of the newest ‘roos, born just last night. Either he’s getting big fast or she’s a lot smaller than I imagine her to be.

You can come see them at Menagerie Isle (SLurl). Head under the rainbow after you land and pet away. I’m not sure how long the current test period is, but Zyx and I are starting to thin the herd already.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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