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This is why you have Alts

Earlier today the Second Life viewer froze and I had to close the application. Sadly, this made my avie ‘stick’ at her last location. Waiting the usual 5-minutes before trying to log-in again, trying to log-in at other regions, and the other usual tricks didn’t work. So several hours later I contacted Live Chat (Web). I got a representative that had on a previous occasion simply ignored me and on another merely told me to file a ticket. This did not bode well. Over twenty minutes later the rep tried to suggest another ticket submission.

The pic here is from my alt, standing on the region edge, 49m from me and camming into our living room.

Here is my Live Chat, name of the rep withheld:

Chat Started: 01-25-2011 15:29:33
Chat Log:
REP: Thank you, for conatacting Second Life Support.
My name is
REP, how my assist you today?
You: Hi! My Uccello Poultry avie is stuck in my Home spot near and I can’t log in. My alt can see Uccello there. I’ve tried logging in to Pooley and other regions, but I’ve been getting the “wait 5 minutes” advisory for a few hours now.
REP: hi
You: this is probably from a viewer crash I had earlier.
REP: One moment please
You: Okies 🙂
You: /me hums while waiting .. “I have an alt on an adjacent sim, watching.”
REP: have you submitted a ticket?
You: No, I haven’t. I tried that once and waited over a week before contacting Live Chat again. They cleared it up in 5 minutes.
You: From what I can see, she’s the only avie in the Merrow region. Can you do a restart? It is Linden property.
REP: This issue requires ticket submitsion
You: May I ask why? Again, i’d rather not wait a week.
REP: The ticket response team have improved dramatically, according to our Second Life Residenst
REP: no worries they have been fast stately
You: /me sighs. Pardon me if I have my doubts after nearly 5 years with three premium accounts. But I’ll try it. TThank you.
REP: np
REP: Thank you for contacting Linden Labs
This chat has been ended by the operator.

So off I go to file a ticket. Don’t try contacting me for a while because I doubt they will do anything until I contact Live Chat again.

Your Case has been submitted!

Thank you for submitting your issue to us.

You will be receiving confirmation email with the case number to the email address you provided within 24 hours.

/me sighs

Update: Jan 26 – after being “stuck” for coming up on two days, I gave in and contacted Live Chat again. A wonderful rep had the situation fixed in 5 minutes. Interesting, my avie was stuck at home and was still there when I was able to log in. She existed in Pooley and at home for some time, but that cleared up when I had the avie bounce around SL a few times.


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