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What’s in My Closet? Not My Clothes

For this entry of What’s in My Closet, I poked around in my brother’s closet. Sort of. I told him of a great place to get a free Navy Pea Coat like he has in real life and asked him to put together an outfit, take a picture, and give me the details. So here it is:
Skin: *Zanzo* Narcissus ~ Olympia (Freckles, natural)
by Theodore DuCasse
Pants: A_BB *Jeans ::Maschienenwerk::
by Armin Rickena
Hair: Bryce ~ Skater – Bold Reds – Russet
by Bryce Tully
Shoes: HOC Industries – Casual Loafers
by Guu Nishi
Coat: Pea_Coat /Ware this under/ ::Maschienenwerk::
by Armin Rickena
Glasses: primOptic Lloyd glasses 1.16
by Nibb Tardis (nibb.tardis)
Eyes: Prismatic Natural Eyes 86
by Santana Lumiere
Model: CC Columbo

He is rather lost in all the scenery, but blame him. He took the picture.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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