Conquering New Worlds

Good bye, Second Life. Hellooooo, Lego Universe! Actually, I’m not leaving SL, but after making some budget sacrifices, I was able to order the Lego Universe (Web) package and made arrangements for an on-going subscription. If you haven’t heard of this game, think of it as an MMO like World of Warcraft, but with a whole lot more cute and with the need for some Lego brick building skills. There are quests to join, tasks to complete, mini-games to play, and all involve using an unlimited supply of Lego building bricks (*gasp* Unlimited!) to build things. Users also get their own plot of land on which they can build whatever they want. Sounds a lot like Second Life, actually, in that respect. Because I ordered yesterday, I’ll get to leap into the new world on the 12th of October, earlier than anyone buying the game henceforth. Don’t be surprised if you see the occasional post about it here provided I’m not too busy battling Maelstrom with my Faction.

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