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SL7B: Unexpected Childhoods

A “Must See” at the Second Life Birthday celebration is “Unexpected Childhoods” (SLurl) the exhibit from SLebrity Marianne McCann and Pygar Bu. It features the stories of why some of SL’s brightest and most creative residents choose to use “kid” avatars in-world. As I builder, I appreciate the quality of the design and it’s craftsmanship (craftskidship?), but as someone who actually “lives” in SL, I appreciate more the depth of the experience conveyed through this whimsical ode to being oneself, regardless of the exterior presentation.

Other great exhibits can be found via the Destination Guide (here or via the viewer in-world), just search for SL7B. The official blog (Web) is another good way to keep up with events and places for the celebration.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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