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I have a gift box!

Queen Coronet, of Queen & Co. (Oganically Rezzed Prims), has a new skybox and for just L$100 it’s a fabulous bargain. As you can see in these pictures it is giftbox-themed with wonderfully trendy colors. The structure uses only 55 prims so it should be friendly for a basic 512m2 parcel (which is 16m x 32m), but since it has a 20m x 30m footprint you’ll need a larger parcel.* Probably a good idea anyway as my first thought when I saw Queen’s post on Plurk (Web) “This would be a great shop building for a fashion designer or a jeweler,” so you’ll want plenty of prims anyway.

I love the fountain wall that graces the entrance porch and the first of two rooms. It is nicely textured with the right amount of glow. A clever touch is the ribbon from the the top of the “box” extends down the falls. The animation is smooth and has virtually no affect on lag.
Inside is a beautiful chandelier and flowing decorative ribbon. Very attractive accents that fit beautifully in the cleanly laid out interior. The colors are quite complimentary. Queen has rather good taste. Pretty typical the other products in her shop (SLurl).
The layout just flows with the simple checkered floor providing a continuity between the three distinct spaces. Plenty of room for store owners to set up vendors or displays. Since the structure is Copy/Mod one could easily adapt it to a chic, modern home.
* If you have just a basic parcel the overlap onto neighboring parcels does not affect the prim allotments in those areas if the Root Prim stays over your land. As long as your neighbors don’t mind, of course. Unless you remove prims you’ll have 62 prims left for displays or furniture. (UPDATE: Please see the comments section. I mis-measured! It does fit within the confines of a basic parcel.)


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One thought on “I have a gift box!

  1. Uccello,
    I hadn't thought of it for a shop space, but I think you're right…it'd be a very cute shop. Just one thing though, the footprint of the box is 30 x 15 so it will fit into a 512m no problem. Thanks so much for featuring my skybox in your blog!!!

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