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Lesbos Haunted House & Freebies

The Isle of Lesbos has a free 5-minute carnival-style Haunted House ride in the mall sim, open to men, women, child avies … well, anyone not banned. It can be a wee scary and has flashie-lights, but it’s all in fun. I’d post more pix, but that would take away some of the surprises. When you arrive (SLurl), click the door shown here then the swirly light to enter.

Well, here’s one pic from inside, exclusive to this blog. Be sure to set Midnight after you enter the House. World > Environment Settings > Midnight This will give you the right lighting for the special effects, like this demon skull ahead of the ride car. Other settings should be fine. Use your keyboard’s arrow keys to look around as you travel so you can see everything.

At the end of the ride you can grab copies of the plushie toys shown here. Just buy for L$0 each. No, you can’t buy the piggy. That’s my alt in the Prize Avie from the Loco Pocos Halloween game (Web).


Just a girl in virtual places.

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