What’s In My Closet? BINA Slutress Outfit

The other day I had some time to kill, what with all the avoiding projects and responsibilities I was doing, so I decided to go slap some Midnight Mania prize boards for the Lucky Kitty Crew so everyone could win their dream whatevers. I wound up at BINA (SLurl), a shop that features out of the ordinary clothes for Gor RP. Normally I decline the prizes as I don’t need them, but this looked nice and I thought “Well, I’ll at least try it on.”

When I first wore it I was at least partly in love. After I played with the sleeveless, short-sleeve, long sleeve, and open bodice options I was considerably more in love. The textures and design are top-notch and this is just what I needed for my “period clothes” collection. The barmaid/servant girl outfit I have is too clean, too “new” looking. This outfit has some wear to it, better befitting the position the wearer would likely assume in a Role Play. Options include cooking implements on the belt, a flower for the hair, lovely sandals, and the aforementioned top options. Except for some kayaking and losing a game of Strip Greedy to my Angela, I’ve worn this since getting it.
If it is not in the Midnight Mania when you get there, look for it in the store. It is a great compliment to any closet.

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