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Designer Showcase Network

You may have seen one of these 45 or so kiosks in-world (like this one at the Isle of LesbosSLurl) and wondered “What is it?”

The “Designer Showcase Network” is a service connecting content creators of Second Life with prospective customers. Residents of SL can subscribe to the DSN free of charge via any of the various kiosks, and chose among 9 channels. The Network then delivers promotional samples from the participating designers to them – no more than one per day and channel, randomly selected.

I’m subscribed to the Gadgets, Vehicles and Weapons and the Business, Tools and Services channels. and this morning I was given a *Stinkeye Armpit Hair* and a language translation services kiosk. Who knows what I’ll get tomorrow. Check out the “Featured Designer Archive” (Web) to see some of the past freebs. As a merchant I’m thinking about how I could best leverage this for my business, but I know that I’m recommending this to all the vendors that I know and would like to have sending some freebs to me.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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