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How bored was this person?

You would think that with all the activities available in Second Life®, like a wonderful amusement park that I recently found (Web), people would have better things to do than to cause grief. This pic was taken when I happened to come across someone with too much time on their hands and too few brains in their head. I watched as they attached one huge object after another to their avie, tacked on particle generators, and wildly gesticulated for no apparent reason.

Of course, I ejected them — directly to their Home spot — and added them to the regional ban, but I had to wonder “How bored was this person?” Odds are they weren’t actually bored, but instead they were griefing (I know they have a history of trying to be a nuisance). It is sad to think, though, how pathetic their life must be that this was fun to them. As far as I could tell I was the only person within some 150 meters so they weren’t really that good at griefing. Further, the attempt was poorly executed considering how common this kind of harassment is in our world. So how bored? Apparently not bored enough to get it right.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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