MagMyPic & FixMyNose

So I was messing around creating textures for the Isle of Lesbos Third Anniversary when I came across the site, having totally forgot about it for about a year and created this parody. The effort was partly to kick my creativity in gear and partly vanity. I love that shot.

But I’ve noticed that my new skin makes my nose look narrower. Some skins were far worse at this and some skins showed hardly any effect but this new one is a bit “off” so I’ve started tweaking and thinking now would be a good time to stop looking like my RL self and fix my self-percieved “flaws.” Like my nose. I love a good, strong Roman-style nose — maybe a lower bridge, though, and wider. Click the A/B image below for a larger version and leave a comment. Maybe you can help me pick my nose.


  1. Sweets, I still say ‘B’ mostly because I think it is really cute on you. The pointy one…. it’s cute but “B” looks like it was made for Eskimo kisses with your Mrs!


  2. Sticking with B, sugar. A looks like you’ve had a nose job, circa 1980. Sorry if that sounds mean, It’s the best explanation i can come up with at 130 in the morning.


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