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Am I Cute & Innnocent?

“How cute and innocent am I?” is the question of the day. My Bestest Big Sister in-world thinks I’m cute whether I’m in a bunny avie or demon avie or just my usual self. Just this morning we were having a conversation along these lines when it struck me that I was wearing a really slutty shirt that I love. While I do have the body for it (okies, thicker iRL, but not too different), there is no way I would be caught wearing something like this outside of Second Life®. At least not near other people. I do have some really slutty tank tops much like some in-world ones, but only because they are comfy.

Yah, right. Like most women I sometimes like to feel kinda slutty. We girls are complex beasties and we don’t like to be understood all the time, even by ourselves. So I’m not all cute and innocent, but something in SL® is a dis-inhibitor, leading me to frequently dress in a fashion contrary to my RL tendencies even just going nude rather often. Nothing in the debug settings or in preferences.
It must be in the anonymity. A few people know the real life town I live in while more know the area and nearly everyone who has met me knows I live in Maine, USA. But only one person knows my full legal name. I’d say I’m pretty well anonymous, so maybe that gives me licence to behave contrary to my natures. Call it the “Vegas factor” … what happens in SL stays in SL. I know plenty of girls that would never entertain the notion of Gorean slavery in downtown middle America, but participate with Gusto in-world, going beyond the exploration or living out a casual fantasy that one might give other activities. There has to be some of the “Vegas Factor” in my dress, but tied into that is another factor gives the Gor example weight: Novelty.
My usual dress at home is simply shorts and a tank top or a t-shirt. Plain and butch. My virtual home makes me feel girlier (if that is a word) than I have ever felt iRL. My one RL dress is for funerals. My SL dresses range from the fabled “little black dress” to staidly Victorian ball gowns. My avie often has lipstick and earrings, understated to be sure, but I don’t own lipstick iRL and my ears are not pierced. Most often my avie sports some Chuck Taylor knock-offs but I do love the pumps I got from Bare Rose (SLurl). IRL? two pairs of “Crocs” and one pair of trainers, black leather for any occasion. Being a girl in SL is very easy compared to iRL, at least in my experience.
As you can see from the pic I like showing off that I’m a girl. Maybe that is what it is all about: SL lets me be “me” much more easily that so-called Real Life does. Being a girl in “meatspace” has been a source of hardship and even tragedy. It wasn’t until my virtual life started that I could finally do things that I’ve wanted to do but for many reasons could not. The influence goes both ways, too, I’ve noticed. There was some pretty spiffy looking jewelry on sale at QVC the other day and my birthday wish list was near by …
PS: got the shirt at WWI (SLurl), a store that seems to like certain girl features as much as I do.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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