Mainland Life

Part of me misses living on the mainland. When I joined the main grid, my brother owned a good chunk of the mainland region Nangrim. Eventually we jointly owned about three-quarters of it, but not in a contiguous group. Our lots were broken up by homes and small businesses and bits of natural land owned by others. It was rather charming in some ways. Unlike many mainland regions we had neighbors that kept their land attractive and in relative harmony with the lots around them.

Oh, I loved living in Whispering Big Pines with my sister. And having a whole sim (SLurl) with my wife is wonderful, but part of the charm is missing. I was flying at ground level below the Primalot store in Blackmount (SLurl) and saw this buildscape (my word .. I own it .. please use it) and felt a bit of nostalgia. Sure, a casino opened in Nangrim and kept the sim full so I couldn’t enter my house so I eventually sold everything, but I’m sure that is a rarity. It was still a nice place to live. Maybe the Memorial Park that I own in Shouldice (SLurl) will turn out to be much the same once the land cutters (Web) are done playing.

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