Diversity in our World

It strikes me that personal diversity is much more tolerated in Second Life® (SL) than in Real Life (iRL). Dressing as a Neko (Sativa, kneeling), a demon (Kaelin, standing), or a whatever I am in this picture, often draws praise for quality of appearance, creativity, or self-expression. However, I doubt that is this grouping appeared iRL the reaction would be the same even if all the same people were involved, from the observer to the observed.

For certain, SL has it’s intolerant element. Fashionistas, for one. And anti-Fur groups abound. Even the Neko community is divided. I’ve been razzed for not being a typical Neko by those deeper into the culture. But as a whole, I find SL residents considerably accepting. Maybe iRL can learn something here.

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