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Mermaiding @ Splash Aquatics!

If you go to the Dive Shop at Splash Aquatics (SLurl) you can slip into the Dive Hole and enter the fabulous salt water aquarium that Kaikou Splash has created. Here is my friend Usra in her beautiful Betta Splendens avie by Tekelili Tantalus (SLurl) enjoying the lush scenery. This spot really needs to be featured by Linden Labs® as a top destination to show what Second Life® is capable of being. Furthering the excellence, Kaikou added educational materials about our fragile planet to his shop so you can not only purchase the goodies that make up his aquarium but you can learn something, too.

Splash Aquatics also features freshwater items, decorative elements for your landscape, and much, much more. A theater is on the grounds and you can relax with some freshwater fishing (not 7Seas Fishing, but an original game that is rather fun). If you’d rather not dive in with the fishies, the aquarium has a tunnel tour for landlubbers.

For divers, snorkelers, beach lovers, and anyone who just likes exploring, Kaikou has also built Dive World: PADI Scuba Diving Underwater World (SLurl). Usra and I dive there a lot. Like the aquarium there is a lot to see and much to learn. Educational signs at Dive World link to highly-informative Web pages. Really, you don’t need dive gear or to be a mermaid or even have a swim AO*). You can simply walk the ocean floor (or fake swim in Fly mode).


*Swim AO: Usra uses the Zi Ree’s ZiSwim (SLurl? Shop is missing!) while I use the Swimmer by Siggy Romulus (SLurl). Many AO attachments allow you to add animations for swimming, but don’t actually keep your avie afloat like these specialty units.


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