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Dragon Love

I love my Seawolf Ancient Dragon. She is simply gorgeous, which means superior textures and design. Well worth every penny my wife paid for it (L$2,400 at SLurl). Here I am in the Aggro region, described by me to a new dragon as ” … a fabulous region to explore if you haven’t done so already. Cleverly built and just gorgeous. Perfect for trying out your new dragon.”

There are a ton of customization options (“Quite a lot,” according to the Wiki) for colors, textures, body parts, and more. Combined with facial expressions and animation options, very few people should have a dragon much like yours. But the Ancient is huge! The Adult (L$1,800) is about half the size of the Ancient and the Juvenile ($1,200) is about half the size of the Adult.

And each comes with a bipedal version! Don’t look to wear clothes with this one, but it has all the same customization options as the quadrupedal dragon. Just supply an Animation Override so you aren’t duck-walking and off you go. My AO has swimming animations for when I’m in Linden water, but he quad avie doesn’t need that. It makes a satisfying splash when landing in water and swims beautifully.

So if you arrive at the Isle of Lesbos (women only; SLurl) one day and see a dragon hiding in the woods, say “Hi” but tread lightly … I’m a Security Dragon!


Just a girl in virtual places.

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