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New Home > Earth Park @ Dream Images

With my Dream Home gone (see previous post here) I have to wink at the spectre of Irony that my new home is hosted by Dream Images, the group that occupies the Dolce Valentina sim (SLurl). Disclaimer time: Angela Seale, my wife, owns Dream Images and the sim hosts our stores as well as our home. One corner is Earth Park, a peaceful place to relax and play (7Seas fishing, swimming, diving, cuddling, socializing, etc.). It incorporates many elements from my previous home, such as the gazebo, ocean dock, trees, and tire swing. As you can see in the picture it also has a Stargate (#75314 on the Pegasus network) and a few surprises for explorers.

Angela has been very good to me with this sim right from Day One. For example, I’ve always wanted to see this image made into a Second Life® region so she let me run amok. I laid down a sim-sized megaprim and with this texture so I could carve and sculpt away. Practical needs required some changes, but with some custom textures from Angela my goal was pretty nearly achieved. That little island you see in the bottom left is Earth Park. Between us an informal mythology of the region grew: An extinct and time worn volcano in the late stages of land succession. Fairly low in all but the hardiest of vegetation except for Earth Park, an area obviously in the process of guided landscaping.

This corner is just one of four, the others being Air, Water, and Fire. The landing zone welcome area features wonderful art depicting the Four Elements as beautiful women and ramps leading to large decks with more art in elemental themes. My shop is in the Water corner and has a nice fish pond with a beautiful Torii gate made by Angela (it may be replaced with a lower prim version so drop in and look soon; SLurl). I made a sculpture for the Air corner and Earth Park features a huge, functional globe made by Pumpkin Tripsa (SLurl). The best art, I think, is the volcano in front of Angela’s shop (SLurl). When she finishes her shop the whole complex will be a work of art.

The passion she put into her builds and the trust she shows in letting me design and build the rest of the region is quickly making me feel at home. I’ll miss Whispering Big Pines for quite some time, but I’m learning that most any place you give your love to can be a home.

Now that I’m done (LOL … like I’m ever done) with Earth Park I need to get moving on an actual home. Angela suggested that we could use my airship but she also mentioned something about a huge waterfall coming off a huge, inverted mountain over Earth Park. I’m kinda leaning toward getting a Rezzbox or two (Web). I guess we’ll have that discussion sometime. First, she has to finish her shop. Mine has been ready and actually had a couple sales yesterday.


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