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(Away) Mosaics

This is why I don’t go (Away) around people like me.

The Avie in the center went (Away) while (Editing Appearance) and stayed that way for a fair amount of time before I arrived. And as you can see, she was there long enough after I showed up that I and another staffer at the Isle of Lesbos managed to have some fun.

My first thought was to just send her Home. But a discussion of “(Away) Games” was struck and I decided instead to have some fun. I’ve done more elaborate (Away) Mosaics, but this was one of my rare collaborations. The nOObie male on the left was provided by the other staffer who was rather pleased with the texture I uploaded for the words behind the heads.

We were just getting ready to add more elements when the Avie “woke up” and flew off. I gave her this texture but she declined it. Sure, I can see how this might be annoying, possibly even embarrassing, but if it happened to me I’d laugh. But then again, I don’t go (Away) around people like me.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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